MIR Brazil blog #1: Rio de Janeiro!

around Botafogu

It’s my third full day here in Rio.  This morning I met with Chico Dub and Eduarda Estrella from Novas Frequencias Festival and Christina Bokel Becker and Sabrina Candido from the British Council.  It was great to meet everyone and discuss the residency.  I’m planning to experiment with the cuíca and was put in touch with a cuíca player who is experimenting with pedals.  Hopefully he will give me some cuíca lessons.  We also discussed the Helio Oiticica Cultural Center which may have a research library as I’d like to look into his participatory work.  I was told about Malha and area for innovative fashion design and will most likely arrange a visit there.

After breakfast I went to Casa Rio to the Novas Frequencias office to meet the rest of their team.

The view from my window!

I’m settling in fairly well, my Portuguese is not great and i keep accidentally speaking French but I am getting around alright and can say a few things.  My arrival went fairly smoothly although I left my phone in a trolley at the airport. (I’m blaming jet lag for that mistake) Surprisingly a wonderful airport worker picked it up and I got it back! Mostly I’ve been setting up a work space in my apartment and getting required materials and tools that I didn’t bring with me. I’ve walked around a lot, been to a festival and tasted delicious Portuguese food such as cheese bread and tapioca pancakes.


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