Der Musik-Cyborg

I had a really wonderful chat with Theresa Beyer who interviewed me for her radio show about the music Cyborg for BR-Klassik. It will be broadcast as part of their Horizons series on Thursday 09.11.2017 from 22:05 – 23:00

Here’s the translated synopsis.

What possibilities exist for producing electronic sounds out of the body? Does it sound different whether you push a slider or  gesture to generates sound? And can the boundaries between body, instrument and technology completely blur? Horizonte explores these questions. With Marco Donnarumma from Naples, who amplifies and manipulates body sounds such as bone bones or muscle movements; with Glasgow’s Phantom Chips, who builds synths to wear; with Andi Otto from Hamburg, who creates complex soundscapes on his movement-enhanced cello, and media scientist Michael Harenberg, who reflects on being or not-being of the body in electronic music.

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