kickin teeth

While I was rehearsing for Novas Frequencias with the tooth/chomper instrument, I was moving a kick drum pedal and it struck me that it could be an useful addition to the instrument.  Currently it requires 3 performers, it would be great if it could also function as a solo instrument.  this video below isn’t really […]

MIRBrazil blog #2: A different kind of chocolate

I had my first Cuíca lesson yesterday with Paulinho Bicolor.  This experience was more incredible than I could have imagined and it left me feeling euphoric and full of emotion. I left in the morning so that I could stop by an electronics shop to pick up some components I need.  Unlike many other cities […]


  I really like the sound of the Cuíca! I want to learn to play one when I get to Rio  It would be interesting to see how different materials could affect the sound or how to combine electronics elements with its acoustic ones. It also reminds me of a thundertube (thunderbox) instrument.